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REMBRANDT is a versatile and readily configurable ship simulator offering the highest standards of hydrodynamic accuracy and visual display. Whether as a full mission bridge or a highly portable laptop system REMBRANDT will always deliver results.

Scalable Installation

Starting with a straightforward desktop or laptop PC with two monitors where space is at a premium or portability is required, BMT can supply you with an easy to use economic solution that is perfectly suited to the training or office environment where the full immersive atmosphere of a full mission bridge is not required.

Our mini-bridge is the prefect option where a compromise between desktop and full bridge is needed. The mini-bridge is ideal for a more extensive semi-permanent installation, with greater emphasis on visuals and information displays, yet where space and costs are still a limiting factor. For a permanent full mission bridge simulator BMT’s REMBRANDT suite of modular software is the ideal solution, where the requirement is for an installation that will satisfy the requirements of a fully Type Approved system certified by DNV to Class A standards.

3D Visualisation

REMBRANDT automatically creates a 3D visual scene from the available S57 electronic navigation chart (ENC) or BMT proprietary charts.

The standard 3D visual scene is created from any chart at no additional cost to the user and accurately represents all the navigational information such as lights, navigation marks, bathymetric and other significant features. Highly detailed scenes of ports and other locations can be built up by the addition of high resolution imagery such as aerial photographs and user digital photographs of significant buildings, landmarks etc.

Ship Models

All hydrodynamically accurate ship models are created individually by skilled naval architects to reflect the characteristics of a ship or Class of ship and are fully validated. Models can be supplied individually or as a library of different ships.

REMBRANDT is regularly used by pilots, ships officers’ onboard LNG tankers and cruise liners, naval architects, civil marine engineers and as a development and evaluation tool by port authorities.

  • Port feasibility, design and evaluation studies
  • Marine incident investigation and analysis
  • Pilot training
  • Bespoke training courses for shipping companies
  • Onboard training aid
  • Development of inland waterways

BMT's Full Bridge Simulator