Port Design, Feasibility and Operability

Port Approach Operability

BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics has a wealth of experience in the design, assessment and operability of ports. Our credentials in the ’wet part’ of port planning are second to none.

We are specialists in nautical, hydraulic, metocean and other specific studies required when designing and assessing port layouts, access channels and breakwaters.

This makes us a valuable specialist partner during the planning of new maritime terminals or the extension of existing facilities. Our services are applied to:

  • Determining the required horizontal access channel, depth and manoeuvring area dimensions
  • Assessing access channel and manoeuvring area dimensions and orientation with   REMBRANDT real-time simulation software
  • Analysing  extreme values to determine design conditions for quay walls, jetties and breakwaters
  • Specification of tug requirements and NAVAIDS
  • Establishing general water level, wind, wave and current statistics for  maritime terminal operations, including downtime predictions
  • Wave penetration studies to determine the wave conditions inside a port
  • Shallow water bathymetry assessment based on satellite images – more efficient and cheaper than conventional surveys