Mooring Layout Design

Mooring Layout Design

BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics offers consultancy services in all aspects of mooring layout design. This includes feasibility studies for ship-to-ship and ship-to-structure operations.

BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics understands that effective design and analysis of mooring layout is an essential element of successful port planning. We have extensive expertise in this area, including evaluating the feasibility of ship-to-ship and ship-to-structure operations.

Using dedicated software REMBRANDT, our specialists can create an accurate and detailed mooring analysis. This can be applied to:

  • Preliminary design of fender systems
  • Establishing loads for the design of bollards/QRHs and quay/jetty structures
  • Workability for loading and unloading operations at a quay/jetty, depending on the ship type and size and the mooring layout
  • Evaluating how moored ships react to passing ships to establish guidelines and regulations for sailing speeds in harbours and minimum passing distances
  • Evaluation and optimisation of innovative mooring systems, such as ShoreTension
  • Evaluation of spread moorings, side-by-side moored ships and floating mooring systems, for example, pontoons 

Mooring analysis projects include:

  • Determining the limiting conditions for  mooring  bulk carriers and estimating the downtime  for a bulk terminal at the Port of Sohar
  • Feasibility of side-by-side moorings, including the effect of passing vessels for the 4th Petroleum haven in the Port of Rotterdam
  • LPG Carriers at Johor Berth BT1
  • Evaluating innovative mooring facilities for new ultra-large container vessels in the Port of Rotterdam