Inland Waterway Navigation Studies

BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics is a specialist partner for governments, port authorities, project developers and contractors when planning to build or upgrade inland waterways, harbours and locks.

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With our broad knowledge of inland waterways, including vessel types, the shipping process, locks and other structures, we are fully equipped to meet our customers’ requirements.

BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics offers a range of inland waterway consultancy services which can be applied to:

  • Evaluation of nautical bottlenecks and the impact of construction and upgrade work on the inland shipping process
  • Nautical design of inland waterways, harbours and outer harbours near locks
  • Designing  lock levelling systems with water-saving basins
  • Designing  mooring systems in outer harbours and locks (during lock levelling)
  • Determining  lock capacities
  • Accessibility of seaports for inland vessels (e.g. limiting wave conditions)
  • Feasibility of berthing in and along waterways

Among our many inland waterway projects are:

  • Canal Seine-Escaut-Est -  waterway design, manoeuvring simulations and optimisation of the connecting waterway between the Scheldt and the Meuse in Wallonia
  • Designing six  navigation locks in the Canal Seine-Nord Europe, incorporating locking cycles, water- saving lock levelling systems, nautical aspects and  mooring facilities
  • A study involving Class Va inland ships to evaluate the influence on their manoeuvrability  of cross currents at the river Lek
  • Designing layout options for improving  the  Delftse Schie waterway
  • Feasibility study for the development of a seaport/inland harbour at the Oude Maas, near Rotterdam