port, feasibility and planning

Port Feasibility and Planning

BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics has an extensive portfolio of specialist services to help customers design and assess port layouts, access channels and breakwaters.

  • Access Channel Design

    Depth Specification for Channels, Turning Circles and Berths

    Safe and reliable access to ports is essential to compete with the increasing size of ships that ports want to attract. However, capital and maintenance dredging are expensive and it can therefore be a considerable advantage to apply the latest technology in both designing and operating an access channel.

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  • Mooring Layout Design

    Mooring Layout Design

    BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics offers consultancy services in all aspects of mooring layout design. This includes feasibility studies for ship-to-ship and ship-to-structure operations.

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  • Port Design, Feasibility and Operability

    Port Approach Operability

    BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics has a wealth of experience in the design, assessment and operability of ports. Our credentials in the ’wet part’ of port planning are second to none.

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  • Port Approach Operability

    Port Design, Feasibility and Operability

    BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics has expert knowledge of ship manoeuvrability, tug operations and wave conditions in ports. We are the partner of choice when planning new maritime terminals or extending existing facilities.

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  • Inland Waterway Navigation Studies

    Inland Waterway Navigation Studies

    BMT Ship & Coastal Dynamics is a specialist partner for governments, port authorities, project developers and contractors when planning to build or upgrade inland waterways, harbours and locks.

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Waves Affecting Port Operations

    Waves Affecting Port Operations

    Ports face unique meteorological and oceanographic challenges that affect their design and operability. Understanding these challenges is important for safe, efficient and environmentally responsible port management.

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