Port optimisation

Port Optimisation

REMBRANDT provides accurate simulations to aid the planning of new maritime terminals or the extension of existing facilities.

To meet the demands of the modern shipping industry, ports need to be able to handle more and, increasingly, larger vessels.

Port construction and redevelopment require significant capital investment and there is the risk of losing business while the work is being done. But, with the correct design, it is possible to keep construction costs down and limit any reduction in port operating capacity.

REMBRANDT can provide accurate simulations for port design and operational procedures, with support from specialist consultants at BMT. In addition, our naval architects can model new vessels and ports to help customers evaluate requirements and avoid over-specification.

Key Benefits of Rembrandt for Port Optimisation

  • Flexible, scalable system providing cost effective solutions for your project
  • Highly transportable for onsite workshops, minimising project costs and port staff disruption
  • Realistic ‘nautical’ style interfaces for pilot familiarity
  • Developed from BMTs long standing experience in ship hydrodynamics