Manoeuvring and moored ship

Manoeuvring and Moored Ship Simulations

We provide risk-free, accurate and reliable simulations of ship-handling, manoeuvrability and mooring to aid port design, assessment of port access operations, navigation risk analysis and crew training.

  • Optimoor

    Mooring Analysis

    The dynamics of ships within different, often non-linear, mooring systems need to be fully analysed to safeguard the vessels and their operations when berthed.

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  • Vessel simulator systems

    Vessel Simulator Systems

    The BMT REMBRANDT simulator gives pilots a realistic experience of larger vessels and aids the development of safe operating procedures.

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  • Risk Mitigation

    Risk Mitigation

    REMBRANDT can be used to identify, assess and prioritise risk mitigation in a safe and controlled environment.

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  • Port optimisation

    Port Optimisation

    REMBRANDT provides accurate simulations to aid the planning of new maritime terminals or the extension of existing facilities.

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  • Incident investigation

    Incident Investigation

    REMBRANDT can be used for in-depth vessel accident analyses to support legal cases and define mitigating measures.

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