Site selection

Site Selection

BMT has a powerful combination of knowledge, databases and tools to help an informed choice of site for an FSRU.

This enables us to provide information on workability and design conditions rapidly and effectively using:

  • Experience with limiting conditions for FSRU access and LNG transfer operations for weathervaning, spread moored and jetty moored solutions;
  • Efficient in house modelling of local wind, wave and current conditions.
  • Our global and regional wind and wave databases with 35 years of hindcast wave data calibrated using in-situ and satellite measurements;
  • Our global tidal level and current database;

Typical activities include:

  • Local wind modelling to account for channelling of wind between mountains or other orographic effects;
  • Mapping of key parameters over the project region: extreme wave height; % time wave height below critical levels (example plot above); availability for regas operations;