Mooring System Design

Mooring System Design

BMT has a track record in designing mooring systems for LNG carriers and many other types of ships, either alone and moored side by side.

In combination with the ability to simulate the motions of the ships and the loads in the mooring systems under design conditions, we are able to design and test many types mooring systems in situations ranging from ships moored at quays in protected positions through exposed jetty moored ships to turret moored weathervaning FPSO’s.

We can account for:

  • Gusty wind;
  • Passing ships;
  • Waves and current;
  • Hydrodynamic Interactions between multiple floating bodies;
  • Special types of mooring system including the Cavotec Moormaster and the KRVE's ShoreTension.

In addition, we have a good relationship with the boatmen in various ports and involve them to give us practical feedback on mooring design. We also have experience in the forensic analysis of mooring systems that have failed which feeds into our experience applied for the design of mooring layouts.

This puts us in a unique position to design mooring systems that allow operational ease of use while avoiding the risk of mooring failures