Manoeuvring and Moored Shipping

LNG Carrier Arrival Simulation

BMT’s REMBRANDT real time manoeuvring simulator is used to simulate the arrivals of LNGC’s at an FSRU and to establish the limiting wind, wave and current conditions to do this.

We have experience of such simulations in well protected areas with difficult approaches and at highly exposed locations where the FSRU may be weathervaning.

In general, because the transfer between LNGC and FSRU is cryogenic, the FSRU has to be berthed alongside the LNGC. The feasibility of this is partly determined by the motions of the FSRU and therefore by the difference in direction between the wind waves, wind, swell waves and current. Good metocean data is therefore critical to realistic simulations.

BMT carries out such simulations using experienced LNGC pilots but can also use the simulator to demonstrate the feasibility of the operation to the clients LNGC captains and also for training purposes.

The simulator is also capable of simulating multiple independently controlled vessels and includes the effects of thrusters on the LNGC and thrusters and DP systems on the FSRU.