BMT has a track record in determining the availability of the marine aspects of FSRU production. The duration of periods of unavailability feed into estimation of storage requirements and contractual penalties.

Availability is a key factor in the feasibility of a project. The availability of an FSRU to provide gas depends on the ability of:

  • LNGC’s to safely approach and berth at the FSRU terminal;
  • the LNGC to unload LNG to the FSRU when moored side by side;
  • the FSRU to remain within limiting motions and accelerations for the regasification process;
  • the FSRU to transfer the gas to land via the available connection.

All of these aspects are limited by the metocean conditions and the response of the LNGC and FSRU to these metocean conditions. This is further described in:

  • LNGC Carrier Arrival Simulation and
  • Ship to Ship Transfer Simulation