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FSRU Siting and Feasibility

BMT is ideally positioned to quickly provide FSRU designers and operators with workability and design data with our FSRU experience, global metocean databases and ship simulation and modelling capabilities.

  • Site selection

    Site Selection

    BMT has a powerful combination of knowledge, databases and tools to help an informed choice of site for an FSRU.

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  • Availability


    BMT has a track record in determining the availability of the marine aspects of FSRU production. The duration of periods of unavailability feed into estimation of storage requirements and contractual penalties.

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  • LNG

    LNG Carrier Arrival Simulation

    BMT’s REMBRANDT real time manoeuvring simulator is used to simulate the arrivals of LNGC’s at an FSRU and to establish the limiting wind, wave and current conditions to do this.

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  • Ship in ship

    Ship to Ship Transfer Simulation

    BMT’s latest addition to the REMBRANDT suite is an independent module, Dynamic Mooring Analysis (DMA) that simulates the motions of floating vessels in six degrees of freedom.

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  • Mooring System Design

    Mooring System Design

    BMT has a track record in designing mooring systems for LNG carriers and many other types of ships, either alone and moored side by side.

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